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This home protection kit includes a bundle of white and cinnamon sage,  a bundle of dragon's blood smudge, 4 black tea candles, a small selenite tower, 2 palo santo sticks, a large piece of tourmaline, and a large abalone shell.

Make sure to do a thorough cleansing of your home with sage or palo santo before placing your protection crystals throughout your home. Next, set your intention. Find yourself with a relaxed and focused energy, then visualize the crystals connected with an energetic white light, forming a powerful and protective energy shield around your home. Say an affirmation and give gratitude to your space for safety and protection. 

When selenite and tourmaline are combined, it creates a powerful shield of positive and protective energy. Placing selenite and tourmaline in all corners of your home amplifies the protective energy and it's intensity. You may also add additional crystals to amplify certain energies within your home. It's up to you regarding which crystals you'd like to add to creative a specific positive energy within your home.

Tourmaline absorbs negative and harmful energy, cleansing and unlocking energy blockages from your home. By creating an energetic shield around you, it defends your auric space.

Home Protection Kit

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