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Your tower will measure approximately 2 1/2 to 4 inches tall. Flower Obsidian is expansive to heart energy while at the same time grounding. It protects one’s heart from negative energies and from energy vampirism. It helps one break out of patterns of emotional pain and heartbreak. It’s a wonderful stone for overcoming emotional fears. It helps one run toward love rather than away from it. It discourages emotional hiding and encourages sharing and expression of one’s feelings. Flower Obsidian encourages a blossoming of gifts and talents while prompting one to follow their heart’s desires. It is all about overcoming fear of failure and rejection. It helps the heart recover from past hurts and find the courage to love fully – when one does, the soul begins to thrive, fully grounded in the body, bringing one to their fullest potential.

Flower Obsidian Tower

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