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Dragon’s Blood Incense. Uses and Benefits:In neopagan Witchcraft, it is used to increase the potency of spells for protection, love, banishing and sexuality. In New Age shamanism it is used in ceremonies in a similar way as the neopagans use it.Common uses of dragon’s blood have changed over time. Today, its most common use is for digestive health.The plant resin was formerly ascribed cure-all properties, though this is not the case anymore. It was once thought to speed wound healing, and some healers used it for respiratory issues.Dragon’s blood was also employed for different gastrointestinal conditions. Its claimed benefits for the digestive system are still held to this day, along with many other touted benefits.The resin continues to be an important feature in certain spiritual practices, too. These include wiccan, hoodoo, voodoo, shamanism, and certain other folk magic rituals.Each package contains 12 sticks. 

Dragon’s Blood Incense

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