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These bracelets are made with 6mm stones.

Angel Aura Amethyst Properties:

Meditative & calming stone. Promotes balance, peace, and calm on the emotional, spiritual & physical planes. Assist the third eye & crown chakras. Peaceful thoughts. Facilitates communication, cleanse the aura. Amplifies healing energies. A high vibrational crystal.

Rainbow Hematite Properties:

The stone has the potential to help you connect with higher powers, unlocking your ability to ascend into the cosmos spiritually while getting rid of any limitations you feel you might have. It transcends your physical being, allowing you to find enlightenment without getting lost in the fray.

Rainbow Hematite keeps you firm in your place, giving you the strength to stand up to any negativity that swirls around you. The meaning and properties of this stone promote equilibrium, encouraging self-confidence and giving you the freedom to explore on a deeper level.

Angel Aura Amethyst & Rainbow Hematite Bracelet

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