This candle is made with a natural clear quartz point crystal, natural clear quartz chips, a palo santo stick, pure copper shavings, 100% pure sage essential oils and palo santo fragrance. This candle provides you with good vibes and a smudge all in one!

Clear Quartz Healing Properties: 

Emotional healing properties of clear quartz dispel feelings of negativity while encouraging positive feelings and thoughts, balancing benefits in keeping with clear quartz meaning. Clear quartz enhances awareness and improves one's perceptions. Energy levels are increased, thought processes are improved and clarified. Clear Quartz is considered as the "Master Healer" when it comes to semiprecious stones.

* In order to prevent a fire, please use a plate underneath this candle if you plan to burn the candle and palo santo stick at the same time.

Palo Santo & Sage Clear Quartz & Copper Candle

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