These capsules are filled with organic chia seeds. We recommend taking 2 capsules each day. Each package contains 60 capsules for a 30 day supply. Our packages are resealable and are able to stand up on their own for easy storage.Organic Chia Seed Health Benefits:Finding foods with lots of nutrients can be helpful for people who are trying to change their diet and live a better life. The word “chia” comes from the ancient Mayan word for strength. Why would the Mayans use such a powerful word for such a small seed? Well, chia seeds are loaded with nutrients such as fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Our organic chia seeds are nutrient powerhouses which is why they deserve to be associated with strength. They contain 37% of the daily recommended value of fiber to help the 97% of Americans who are fiber deficient. Because our chia seeds are flavor neutral and flavorless, you can add them to just about anything to get a boost without changing the taste of your foods Just mix our chia seeds with your favorite breakfast shake, smoothie, or other food that could use a little extra crunch that your family will love! Use them as pre or post workout boosts with protein powders that you are already using. You can also sprinkle seeds as a topping on yogurt, salads, or cereal for a satisfying snack! Our organic chia seeds also make a great replacement for eggs. Or you can by-pass all of these things and take our capsules daily! All of our capsules are easy to pull apart and sprinkle onto anything you like! 

Organic Chia Seed Capsules