This soap is made with 100% natural ingredients, including, 100% pure spearmint essential oils, olive oil, organic neem seed oil, cold pressed coconut oil, and is topped with dried spearmint leaves. Spearmint Essential Oils:Completely refresh your senses with spearmint essential oil. This minty, slightly fruity scent has many therapeutic benefits. Because of its menthol content, spearmint is often used to help treat fatigue, headaches, migraines, nervousness, and even digestive problems. Spearmint can also be used as a natural disinfectant; it can be used to treat scabies, dermatitis, syphillis, and more. This oil can also ward off mosquitos and other insects.Natural Remedy For NauseaHelps Treat AsthmaImproves ConcentrationHelps DigestionFreshens Bad BreathAnti-InflammatoryAntioxidantAntibacterialAntimicrobialAnti-FungalNeem Seed Oil: Neem oil gives you complete body wellness, and a multitude of uses! Use on your skin to heal any skin ailments you may have. Neem oil is also used to keep away pesky insects. You’ll notice results quickly!Moisturizes dry skinActs as a natural bug repellentCan be used as an antiviral treatment for chickenpox, warts, or smallpox.Heals acne, clears pimplesRelieves athlete’s foot or ring wormRelieves itchingHeals cuts and scarsCoconut Oil Benefits: Coconut oil softens your entire body and leaves you feeling velvety smooth and gently protected from wind, heat, and pollution for hours. Has a soft coconut scent.Olive Oil Benefits:This oil is used to moisturize while fighting dry skin, wrinkles, or stretch marksAll of our soaps have been ph tested and are packaged in 100% recycled paper boxes.

Natural Handmade Spearmint Soap