Healing from North Africa

Cedarwood essential oil is mined deep within the Atlas mountains in North Africa. This rich, woody fragrance has so many therapeutic uses! You can steam the oil in some water to get rid of bronchitis and to relieve stress. You can also use it to treat acne, cystitis, dandruff, and dermatitis. 


Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil 

•Improves Focus 
•Promotes Hair Growth 
•Balances Hormones 
•Calms And Relaxes 
•Natural Aphrodisiac 
•Eczema Reducer 
•Helps Treat Muscle Spasms 
•Natural Deodorizer 
•Natural Diuretic 
•Natural Insecticide 
•Fights Acne 
•Protects Your Nervous System 


Cedrus Atlantica 


Essential oils are for external use only

Cedar Wood Essential Oil