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This book discusses race, crime, policy, ethics, and justice in regards to the phenomena of disproportionate minority contact by police officers, which are the gatekeepers of the criminal justice system, overall. America is experiencing a social phenomena where we are witnessing a disproportionate number of African American men, women, and children being sentenced to jail and prison. However, statistics provided in this book posit that these groups of individuals are more likely to be sentenced to jail and prison for lengthier amounts of time than any other race combined due to racism, social inequality, hegemony, trivial stop-and-frisk procedures, as well as poor policing and stereotypical misconceptions regarding African Americans and their propensity to commit violent crimes. 


About the Author: 


Cherika Wilson is an author and social equality advocate that holds a double Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology with Emphasis in Social Welfare from Old Dominion University, a Masters in Criminal Justice Management & Planning from Norfolk State University, and a Masters in Law with a concentration in National Security Law from Regent University School of Law. 


Wilson was compelled to become an author when she realized there was a need for her voice and perspective regarding social welfare and criminal justice issues. It was while publishing her first book, "Black Lives Matter: Disproportionate Minority Contact", that she decided to start her own publishing company, Post Script Publishing. She aspires to publish works written by authors whose voices and perspectives need to be heard, those with a passion for learning and teaching, as well as those with a desire to leave their imprint on the world. 


Cherika Wilson is also the owner of Sankofa Boutique.

Black Lives Matter: Disproportionate Minority Contact

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